Friday, May 5, 2017

Love Your Library Winners

Love your Library
Book Contest 2017
Thanks to all of the students who participated in the Love your Library Book Contest this year. We had a phenomenal turnout. After three judges read through all of the entries, the following winners were announced.  Everyone who entered the contest received a prize and a certificate. Please read the back of the certificate with your child to see the great comments they received. Thanks to all who participated this year and we encourage you to continue writing.

The following is a list of our winning entries:

1st Place – Charlotte Satterthwaite
2nd Place – Jayci Eyre
3rd Place  – Juliet Spencer

1st Grade:
1st Place – Claire Farley
2nd Place – Trinidad Trevino
3rd Place – Caitlynn Peterson
Honorable Mentions -  Caleb Cumins,  Zoey Salazar & Rylee Forsberg; Braxton Phillips

2nd Grade:
1st Place - (tie) - Lucy Walker; Kamila Perdomo, Lluvia Suarez & Evelyn Hair
2nd Place - Ryan Janssen
3rd Place - Olive Barragan
Honorable Mentions -  Olivia Gutierrez & Monet Sutton; Ashlynn Taylor, Graycen Rowe, Ian Garcia; Genesis Paredes & Rhea Read; Ariana Mercado

3rd Grade :
1st Place  – Gavin Holliday
2nd Place – Josie Satterthwaite
3rd Place – Addison Cottle
Honorable Mentions – Brittany Favela, Livie Phillips, Adan Miranda Lomeli, Kaitlyn Cooper

4th Grade:
1st Place - Kaitlyn Janssen
2nd Place – Isaiah Heath
3rd Place – Galilea Silva
Honorable Mentions - Miles Heath, Constance Butler;  Annasyne, Breanne & Allyce Thompson

5th Grade:
1st Place  - Cambree Fowers
2nd Place – Isabelle Dewey
3rd Place – Samantha Butler
Honorable Mentions -  Taylie Larsen, Lillian Fisher

6th Grade
1st Place – Erin Kirkland
2nd Place – Raven Davis

Love Your Library Entries

Eagle Books
Mrs. Maag’s Class
1st Place - Everleigh Stinson
2nd Place - Millie Nadolski
3rd Place - Savannah Hutchings
Honorable Mentions - George Barragan, Mikaela Mack, Nayeli Lopez
Best Back Cover Illustration - Camila Madrigal

Mrs. Hill’s Class
1st Place - Aurora Knight
2nd Place - Jayci Eyre
3rd Place - Evan Lomeli
Honorable Mentions - Izaiah Franco, Adriel Reyes
Most Colorful - Ruby Krum

Mrs. Scalise’s Class
1st Place - Ellis Cash
2nd Place - Karlee Casteel
3rd Place - Jude Colwell
Honorable Mentions - Avery Cottle, Jacob McFarlane, Antonio Gandara
Best Illustrations - Rowan Payne
Best Handwriting - Eli Mendoza

“I Like” Books
Mrs. Maag’s Class
1st Place - Savannah Hutchings
2nd Place - Millie Nadolski
3rd Place - Michael Lewis
Honorable Mentions - Everleigh Stinson, Nayeli Lopez, Camila Madrigal
Most Colorful - Everett Shupe

Mrs. Hill’s Class
1st Place - Aurora Knight
2nd Place - Aubrey Bennett
3rd Place - Jaden Sherman
Honorable Mentions - Adriel Reyes, Spencer Bowsher, Bristal Silva
Best Illustrations - Ruby Krum
Best Handwriting - Jayci Eyre

Mrs. Scalise’s Class
1st Place - Austin Carlson
2nd Place - Zairah Jolly
3rd Place - Rowan Payne
Honorable Mentions - Jude Colwell, Ellis Cash, Jacob McFarlane
Best Illustrations - Oaklyn Wagoner
Best Handwriting - Antonio Gandara

Best Self Portrait - Eloise Phipps

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